Timo Heimovaara is a full professor of Geo-Environmental Engineering at TU Delft. Since 2019, he has also chaired the department of Geoscience & Engineering within the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geo-sciences, further demonstrating his strong leadership skills.

With over ten years of commercial experience prior to joining the faculty in June 2007, Timo brings a wealth of expertise to his position. In July 2012, he was appointed full professor, marking a significant milestone in his career.

Timo's primary research interests are focused on using natural processes as engineering tools in the subsurface to achieve a more sustainable society with a strong focus on improving environmental quality. His research includes engineering the ecosystem services of the sub-surface in urban society, sustainable landfill after-care, reactive transport in porous media, contaminated soil management, and soil remediation, dynamic monitoring in system-oriented groundwater management, and experimental and computational modeling of coupled processes.

“We need to realize that the (sub-surface) ecosystem can provide a multitude of valuable services to improve urban quality. The challenge is how to unlock this potential.”

Timo Heimovaara

Full professor & AMS PI