Julie is an atmospheric chemist whose research focuses on urban air quality and sources of particulate matter pollution, especially the role of reactive nitrogen from traffic, industry, and agriculture. As an Associate Professor at Wageningen University, she teaches courses in air quality and urban governance, and mentors BSc, MSc, and PhD students’ thesis research. At AMS Institute, Julie supports field measurements, data analysis, and modeling projects on urban air quality and seeks ever better ways to connect atmospheric science to urban planning solutions.

Julie moved to the Netherlands in August 2021. In her previous job as Professor of Chemistry and Environmental Studies at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, Julie’s urban research focused on sources of diesel particulate matter and spatial analysis of air pollution exposure and socioeconomic vulnerability. She has also studied the chemistry of reactive nitrogen particulate matter in many environments, from the wet and cool Columbia River Gorge in Oregon to the high and dry Colorado Rocky Mountains to sweltering, subtropical central Alabama.

Julie is excited to study reactive nitrogen chemistry in a new climate zone, and to work on urban air quality and climate resilience in collaboration with experts from other disciplines, and with a strong interface with stakeholder and policymakers.

“I am a belligerent optimist about our ability to address climate change and urban air pollution, but we have work to do.”

Juliane L. Fry

Research Fellow