If we find ways to make the food system more local, we can limit the many 'food miles'. There are already numerous initiatives that have put this transition to local food and short food chains on the map. Yet we see that these often remain small 'cuddly' companies that operate supply-driven. How can we improve this? Which new models can we develop so that every Dutch person has access to locally produced food? And are there opportunities in the perspective of 'business to consumer'? Can consumer demand be managed? That's what you will be thinking about in this Flevo Campus Think Tank. But not only do we let our brains crack, we're actually going to work. Think tank and pressure cooker in one!

For whom?

Are you a student or young professional and do you want to learn more about urban food issues? And do you enjoy working with others to find innovative answers to the food issues of the future? Then join the Flevo Campus Think Tank: a breeding ground in which young talent can come up with innovative solutions for the urban food supply.

Program and Registration

More information about the 5-day-program and how to register can be found here. Make sure you register before February 13th.

This event will be in Dutch.


Floriade Dialogues Summit

Metropolitan Food Systems

28 March 2019 | 09.00 - 18.00

A summit on green and healthy food cities for all.


"Feeding the city" available in English

Metropolitan Food Systems

After the publication of the essay book 'De buik van de stad' last December in Dutch, the English translation 'Feeding the city: Farming and the future of food' is now available. Here you will find a free downloadable version.