In a hybrid setting, participants agreed on the maturity of living labs and its importance for urban innovation and challenges.

Looking back

This event has ended. We had 14 presentations, 7 workshops and 2 Lab tours, all divided over the four leading themes: An Innovation Arena, Scoping & Scaling, Crossing Boundaries & Breaking Barriers. Through we collected most of the presentations and recordings of sessions, for everyone available to have a look at. Find the page here.

Thank you very much for your interest in the 4th Urban Living Lab Summit. We are looking forward to continuing to work together as a community.

Reflection from the chairman

Trying to summarize our 4th Urban Living Lab Summit is not easy. Fourteen presentations, the seven workshops and the two Lab tours. Participants from all stakeholder groups, a mix of new to the field and seasoned Lab Builders. But one thing comes to our mind: Our community knows their business.

To my opinion, our community is a little too shy on where we are, stating that we are at an infancy but slowly growing up. We have been sharing our insights in a shared language and a more and more professional tongue. And what our keynote speaker Caroline Nevejan clearly set: Living Labs are very important for urban innovation and challenges.

And the leading themes of our summit stand as four pillars of what it is all about. It was great to be building on an innovation arena, discussing the increasing scales and altering and clearing scopes, and to find examples how to cross boundaries and break barriers. A repeated comment of participants was: I wish I could participate in all sessions!

Looking Forward

Thinking ahead, we have so much to share that one day does not suffice. Looking very much forward to your and our continuous encounters and let us proceed on the road to make this our common ground. And we want to use the momentum of this week: Hereby a save the date for the 5th Urban Living Lab Summit: June 19 and 20, 2023!


MSc MADE Living Lab Exhibition 2021


From diving into the topic of waste separation to investigating thermal energy recovery – our MSc MADE students gained

The Program Committee

Selection committee

  • Nienke Edelenbosch, Bax & Company
  • Saskia Ruijsink, Centre for Sustainability – TU Delft
  • Michael Bossert, Concordia University Montreal
  • Hans Roeland Poolman, AMS-Institute
  • Arjen van Nieuwenhuizen, AMS-Institute
  • Dennis Wasch, CTO Amsterdam

Organizing committee