From the kitchen table at AMS Institute Kenneth Heijns, Managing Director at AMS Institute, and Sacha Stolp, Director Future-Proof Assets for the City of Amsterdam - will be hosting this weekly podcast and explore solutions to urban challenges. Solutions further down the road, and solutions that can be scaled-up tomorrow. Together with thinkers and doers, they discuss what should be on the agenda of every mayor. With the podcast, we aim to inspire you and other thinkers and doers to accelerate global urban transitions.

We discuss major urban challenges and transitions such as: how do we move towards a circular city, what is the path to a safe digital city, which innovations already exist for our current mobility system and who will make our city climate-proof?

Video special - first episode Mayor’s Manual - The role of leadership in urban transitions

“Let us immerse ourselves in the mass of people and learn from each other, share knowledge, be optimistic, trust and cooperate. Because we can not only learn from nature. We can also do that from technology, from each other, and from one of the greatest technical achievements that people are capable of: building fine, ingenious and sustainable cities.”

Sacha Stolp

Director of innovation

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Episode #7 | The energy transition - an artist's view of value creation, ownership, use and democracy.

In this episode, we discuss examples of and new ideas about value creation, ownership and use. We discuss the importance of democratizing the energy transition and learn how an artist's perspective can contribute to this.

This week's guests are Reinier Bosch and Pallas Agterberg. Reinier is co-owner of studio Solarix, an artist and fascinated by design that adds more than just looks. Pallas is a Challange officer at Alliander and an artist with an innovative view on the social side of technological solutions.

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“Once you truly feel the scale, scope and speed at which we need to transform our cities, then it is clear we need to act now and act together. With the Mayor’s Manual we have conversations with thinkers and doers, on the best ideas, brightest talent and unusual partnerships to speed up and scale up the transition.”

Kenneth Heijns

Managing Director

Episode #6 | The mobility transition - a connecting problem

In this sixth podcast, we discuss challenges and solutions related to the mobility transition. Specifically, we will discuss the modes of transport of the future, public transport, the impact of corona on our travel behavior, and the opportunities it offers. We also discuss the possibilities of transport by water and why the government and public parties should invest in the digitalization.
Listen to this week to get an idea of some of the main challenges and corresponding solution directions that are important within the mobility transition in cities.

Our guests this week are Stephan van Dijk (Director of Innovation of AMS Institute) and Niels van Oort (Co-director of the Smart Public Transport Lab of the TU Delft).

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Episode #3 | Urban food system - short chains and robot farmers

Our guests this week are Dr. Alexander Laarman (Business Developer at Wageningen University & Research, AMS Institute and and Ard van de Kreeke (founder and manager GROWx).

With them, we discuss changes in the urban food system. How is the transition to urban food production and circular agriculture going and what does the urban farmer of the future look like? Listen this week to learn more about the future of urban food production.

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Episode #2 | Scaling-up innovation - can be done better!

This week, Bas van Beers is our guest at the Mayor's Manual podcast to discuss how we can accelerate scaling up innovative solutions. Bas is founding partner at FRINGE.

According to Bas it's good to be inspired by examples from abroad and to not strive for profit maximization in new business cases, but for a simple, net return.

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Episode #1 | Taking Leadership in Urban transition

In this episode we talk to Orbia CEO Daniel Martínez-Valle, AMS institute scientific director Eveline van Leeuwen and Brian Schmitt from RESILIO and Metropolder company about the challenges they see and in which direction we should seek solutions.

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