Marineterrein Amsterdam will become available to research, experiment and test in a real-life setting. The main goal is to develop scalable innovations that make and keep cities livable.

To develop, test and apply solutions to global urban challenges, the partners bring together their expertise, network, and communities in the field of research, innovation, urban development and experimentation at this unique location in Amsterdam.

Unique location for developing a Living Lab

AMS Institute moved to the Marineterrein Amsterdam at the end of last year: a spacious and peaceful green and blue office environment in the heart of the city. Here, a community of innovators, scientists, and businesses work together on societal challenges. Moreover, Marineterrein Amsterdam has the ambition to develop into a future-proof city district featuring open innovation, accessible and flexible living and working spaces, unique housing, sports, recreation, and greenery.

To start with the transition of developing Marineterrein Amsterdam into a living lab, the area around building 027 (where AMS Institute is located) has recently been redesigned, with specific plots that can serve as test areas, also known as Living Labs. An integrated system of amenities, including an infrastructural backbone, such as power, data and water, makes setting-up the test areas relatively easy. We strive to make testing and experimenting ‘plug-and-play’, in a flexible area that provides many possibilities to develop tests and research, in a real-life urban context.

Marineterrein Amsterdam Living Lab

Work in progress

Marineterrein Amsterdam Living Lab

Work in progress

Marineterrein Amsterdam Living Lab

Work in progress

Launching Marineterrein Amsterdam Living Lab

With partners: Bureau Marineterrein, Amsterdam Smart City/AMEC Board & NEMO Science Museum

The benefits of testing at the Marineterrein Amsterdam Living Lab

  • Community: There are 45 organizations located on the Marineterrein, more than 500 people work here and thousands of students a week visit the site to study. Being part of the Marineterrein is being part of a community.
  • Facilities: there is a ‘plug-and-play’ infrastructure, underground and over ground, such as data, electricity, water and sewage which makes the area perfect for testing and experimenting.
  • Legislative: Publicly accessible but privately controlled area.
  • Dynamics: The Marineterrein is a site in development, with an increasing amount of usable outdoor space and buildings.
  • Visitors: Companies, organizations, students, event, cultural and leisure visitors, tourists.
  • Location: Historic site in the heart of the city of Amsterdam, connected to waterways, roads and public transport hubs, such as Amsterdam Central Station (1,5km).
  • Space: At the moment, 5 hectares have been made available for temporary development and a water basin managed by Bureau Marineterrein.
  • Procedures: fast and low-threshold procedure for initiating a project.

Artist impression of Marineterrein Amsterdam Living Lab

Why work in Urban Living Labs?

The urban challenges we face today have a multidisciplinary nature. This makes it important to create a connection between fundamental research and the step towards society wide implementation. Living Labs are a good way to test, create and develop metropolitan solutions with impact. This way, a smooth and swift adoption by all involved stakeholders the solutions will have a bigger chance to be successfully implemented. Furthermore, they provide a co-innovating setting for its stakeholders and a valuable context to test, (re-)shape and valorize innovation.

Over the past years, AMS Institute has worked on improving the AMS Urban Living Lab Way of Working methods and we have established several key characteristics of it. Read more about it here.


Urban Living Lab Summit

21 June | 09:20 - 17:00

During the Urban Living Lab Summit experts and practitioners presented their knowledge on living labs and activate the participants in co-creative workshops, showing and experiencing if and how to use Living labs for solving urban challenges.

Do you want to test, develop or innovate in a Living Lab setting?

Scientists, entrepreneurs and citizens are welcome to make a proposal to test innovations that are aimed at creating a positive impact and keeping the city liveable.

For more information about the procedure visit

Marineterrein Amsterdam Living Lab is a collaboration between: Bureau Marineterrein, Amsterdam Smart City/Amsterdam Economic Board, and NEMO Science Museum.