As part of the Education Team, Anita supports and coordinates different disciplines of MSc MADE, like the organizational, logistic and didactic aspects of the master, but also the online education. Besides that, she’s in contact with the members of the AMS Academy, the examination committee, the program board, and the program committee.

Before working at AMS Institute, Anita graduated with a master’s degree in Educational Sciences at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Prior to that, she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Pedagogical Sciences and a Bachelor of Education at Leiden University. Combining life as an educational scientist and a primary school teacher makes Anita an adaptive thinker while acting pragmatically. Throughout the week, Anita works at AMS Institute (three days) as well as at the Faculty of Architecture of TU Delft (one day). She teaches children at primary school for one day a week in Voorburg.

Anita hopes to connect people and motivate them to reach goals collaboratively. With the Living Lab approach education becomes authentic, realistic and pragmatic, which she thinks are important for motivation. Anita believes that Amsterdam – with its wide range of possibilities - is the perfect place for innovation to occur.

“Learning by doing is what I aim to reach in education. That's exactly what AMS Institute is about.”

Anita van Oosten

Educational Coordinator MSc MADE