The Living Lab approach is strongly intertwined with our core activities in both research & valorization and education. Together with different partners, we work on a multitude of living labs throughout the city, in which we are creating impact for the city on the different urban challenges (read more about the urban challenges).

Our Living Labs

Urban living labs are real-life small-scale urban environments where innovations can be co-created and tested in an iterative way with relevant stakeholders (students, scientists, citizens, companies, and cities) before being replicated at the urban scale. Urban Living Labs provide a perfect set-up for experimenters to validate urban innovations addressing complex urban challenges.

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Energy Lab Zuidoost

Urban Energy

Amsterdam Zuidoost aims to be energy neutral by 2040. This requires systemic change. Not only on a technical – but also on a social level. Therefore, the Energy Lab Zuidoost brings together stakeholders & scientific expertise from different disciplines.

Marineterrein Amsterdam Living Lab


Local Inclusive Future Energy (LIFE) City platform

Urban Energy

Smart planning for energy demand and supply. This will be tested via a smart energy exchange platform in the area of Amsterdam ArenApoort. The result: an electricity grid-friendly and community inclusive innovation to contribute to the energy transition.



Urban Energy

What if we could generate more energy rather than consume this? In the ATELIER project, neighborhoods in Amsterdam and Bilbao are transformed into 'Positive Energy Districts' by implementing innovative solutions. Ultimately reducing 1,7kton CO2 emissions.


EU4Advice: Building a better network for short food supply chains

Metropolitan Food Systems

EU4Advice aims to create a learning ecosystem for short food supply chain advisors, policy-makers, researchers & farmers. This will accelerate the potential of empowering both producers and consumers toward a more just and sustainable food system.

MSc MADE Living Labs

Designing and working from Living Labs is also a main activity for the graduating MSc MADE students. In their living lab assignments we connect them to the Amsterdam ecosystem, in which they work on cases for and together with our partners in the network. Last years students were connected to seven different organizations throughout the city. Here you can read more about their Living Lab results.

MSc MADE Urban Living Lab Course


MSc MADE Living Lab Course

MSc MADE Program


Read more about the program of the master's Metropolitan Analysis, Design and Engineering. This two-year program is

MSc MADE students are connected to our partners in the city, to work on a variety of cases in real-life Living Lab setting.

Our Living Lab Team

The Living Lab Program Team

  • Mark Kauw (Team Lead, Urban Living Labs)
  • Juanita Devis Clavijo (Urban Living Labs)
  • Hans Roeland Poolman (Urban Living Labs)
  • Gina Gommer (Urban Living Labs)
  • Evi Vet (Urban Living Labs, Metropolitan Food Systems)
  • Maged Elsamny (Urban Living Labs, postdoc Climate Resilient Cities)
  • Daniel Scheerooren (Urban Living Labs, Smart Urban Mobility)
  • Menno van Dijk (Urban Living Labs, Circularity in Urban Regions)
  • Francesca Alberti (Urban Living Labs, Circularity in Urban Regions)
  • Sietse de Vilder (Urban Living Labs, Circularity in Urban Regions)
  • Anke van Gelderen (Urban Living Labs)
  • Lena Wagner (Urban Living Labs)
  • Stach Aarts (Professional Education)
  • Rajaa Bennaoui (Professional Education)
  • Catia Ribeiro (Professional Education)
  • Yannick Schrik (Urban Living Labs, PhD researcher)
  • Mike de Kreek (Urban Living Labs, Postdoc researcher)
  • Ioannis Ioannidis (Entrepreneurship Lead)
  • Guy Vincent (Entrepreneurship)
  • Navojit Dastidar (Entrepreneurship)

The Living Lab Advisory Board (under construction...)

The program activities are co-created with support from


Living Labs Microsummit 2023

On June 26, 2023, AMS Institute, in collaboration with the Next-Generation Cities Institute at Concordia University, ...


Mayor's Manual Living Lab Mini-Series

In this short Living lab mini-series, we talk to students who are working on innovative solutions for urban challenges. With a fresh view and interdisciplinary approach, they make the connection between practice and science. Listen to 9 episodes.